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Picture shows : Christopher Weight, Anti Social Behaviour Enforcement Officer.

Article published on 04 December 2014


As a townie, I moved to Cornwall in 2004 and felt privileged to be here. I moved to Carnedon in Upton Cross, Liskeard in August last year. I thought it a lovely place and got on very well with all neighbours.

In the October, after 2 neighbours insisted Cornwall Hsg had made derogatory remarks about me, I called in Antisocial B`hvr Officer Christopher Weight, a former rent/debt collector, who felt the problem was caused by my n`bours “narrow minded village mentality”. Whatever they told him about me was so damning that he wrote threatening me with eviction followed by a text that there was a “substantial list” of people waiting to support my 2 n`bours damning assertions.

A letter from Manager Adam Fitzpatrick admitted that `substantial list` was a poor use of vocabulary but “people were spoken to”.about me. Snr Manager Mr Stuart Blackie told me over phone that council had received 1 letter of complaint about me but later emailed denying saying this. It is upsetting when staff do that and they have done so repeatedly.

At a January `14 meeting at my bungalow, Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Matthew Clemens called me a “perpetrator” but failed to convince me why I deserved this title. They reduced me to a screaming wreck, something which at 61 yrs of age and disabled, has never happened before and I am not proud of.

This drove me to my GP who phoned Christopher Weight who insisted that I felt the neighbours were talking about me and this lead him to believe I had, according to my GP`s letter, “paranoid thought processes”. At a later meeting with my Practice Manager, my GP laughed and insisted, “No, you`re not paranoid !” Paranoia is a serious mental illness and it concerns me that Cornwall Hsg are allowing staff to deliver medical opinions/ diagnoses on tenants. As a former home owner, I had no idea of the corruption threaded through Cornwall Housing and have never known such neighbour aggression and aggravation since becoming a tenant here.

After an August meeting at my bungalow, Director of Housing, Mr Peter Jarman emailed me reiterating that the text list was not substantial but “8 or 9 people in the village were spoken to”. These 8 or 9 people are afforded anonymity under the Data Protection Act. On leaving Ocean Housing, my exit letter called me “an exemplary tenant” yet Cornwall Housing have painted me as a near criminal with no evidence. Some Cornwall Hsg managers have shown themselves to be no better than the thugs from whom they are paid to protect us. If this is how they treat ordinary disabled pensioners like me – how on earth do they treat the thugs ?

My character has been defamed, my health has suffered and I have only managed to get through the past year with the help of my local Church, most of whom appear to be home owners/private tenants.

This is only a small part of an online article I have written about Cornwall Housing. If you would like to read it, Google Laura Thomas v Peter Jarman and click on Nosanctuarydotcom. Article titled, CORNWALL COUNCIL CORRUPTION with photograph of council managers alongside.

All managers mentioned, Councillors and MPs have been informed and none have responded. They may be too ashamed.

If the `Upton Cross 8 or 9` have any decency or integrity and even if they exist, which many doubt, please would they call and see me at my home, 5, Carnedon, Upton Cross, Liskeard. You know who you are. I do not.

Carnedon, as everyone knows is opposite the public toilets.

And about as fragrant.

Laura Thomas, 5, Carnedon, Upton Cross, Liskeard, PL14 5AP

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