Laura’s Ode to the Council and Solicitors

I wrote this poem 6 years ago after seeing a Solicitor, Anna Gard Evans at Coodes in Launceston.  Ms Gard Evans showed herself to be very understanding of the situation concerning neighbours who had  written to Cornwall Council about my dog allegedly pooing in the lane. Even the warden doubted the poo had ever been there.  The poo was never found !

These neighbours were allowed anonymity under the Data Protection Act. Ms Gard Evans wrote to the neigbours who were thought to have complained about me. They never replied. This Solicitor is exemplary.

Such cowardice in sending what amount to poison pen letters  is not acceptable even though it is permitted under the Data Protection Act.001



One thought on “Laura’s Ode to the Council and Solicitors

  1. I am 66 my partner is 68 we lived in a 2 bedroom house but my Vera couldn’t use the stairs anymore. We have relocated to gunnislake in a lovely bungalow but even though we had council’s tax and rent benifits we are not getting that anymore they have took my DLA off me and they are taking my car we are considering taking my painkillers I am writing this at 3am I can’t sleep


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