Picture shows : Richard A. Williams, Head of Legal, Democratic and Procurement Services and Monitoring Officer. The Monitoring Officer is responsible for ensuring the Council, its officers and its elected Councillors maintain the highest standards of conduct in all they do.

Article published on 21st January 2015


Cornwall Council’s only response to my ‘CORNWALL COUNCIL CORRUPTION’ hardcopy sent to CEO Mr A. Kerr on 30th September ’14 was an immediate acknowledgement of receipt of the cover letter from Mr Simon Mansell, Principal Legal Officer. There was no mention of the hardcopy onlined on 5th November ’14.


This hardcopy crossed in the post with Mr Adam Fitzpatrick’s threatening letter to me dated 26th September ’14. The 4th paragraph states:

“After taking all of your recent incidents and your associated behaviour into consideration, I feel that you leave me with little choice but to take action against you in line with Cornwall Housings Unacceptable Actions and Behaviour policy.”

Lack of apostrophes apart and feeling I might be publically flogged or put out on a wet windy street with my furniture piled up around me, I read on to find that my “persistent complaints” are “unacceptable” though no complaints are mentioned. If my complaints had been dealt with adequately in the first place, there would never have been a need to detail them on wordpress in ‘CORNWALL COUNCIL CORRUPTION’.

No mention is made of my “associated behaviour” which could mean a tendency on my part to invite managers to tea or lunch. Or maybe it means being rendered nearly hysterical by Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Clemens and ordering them out of my property. They never apologised and I regret having originally requested a home visit.

This letter encloses 10 photocopied pages entitled ‘Unacceptable Actions and Behaviour’ with a note: “This policy was agreed with tenants through the Services Subgroup.” So that makes everything allright, then. The fact that a Board member and Tenants’ Panel member has the handwriting of what appears to be an 8 year old is not mentioned either.

Mr Fitzpatrick accuses me on page 2 of “unreasonable persistence” and continues:

“Please be aware that if I feel you continue to make (in bold type) “unreasonable and persistent” complaints, Cornwall Housing will consider taking further action against you in line with our policy. But Mr Fitzpatrick said he would take action against me on page 1 and now seems to be backtracking. So, Mr Fitzpatrick, please just come out with it and say, what exactly, you intend to do. Smartening up your appearance might be a start.

Page 2 tickles me: ‘any concerns that you have (in underlined bold type) must be forwarded to me only,”

Mr Fitzpatrick, as you have threatened me with what may be empty threats and have bullied and traumatized me, I would rather keep away from you. You still frighten me.

Your letter did not mention the ‘Upton Cross 8 or 9′ that I am not allowed to know about whom Mr Peter Jarman still maintains have attacked my character with unsubstantiated claims. Like a naughty child, running away, Mr Jarman has emailed severing further communication. I am proud of my persistence and strength in fighting a bullying council. But I can do without seeing these managers’ photographs in the Cornwall News tenants` magazine.


Cornwall Council’s Communications Dept claimed they received no communication from the Cornish Guardian relating to my complaints. However, on 6th November ’14, slightly testy Editor, Mr Mike Jarvis, emailed insisting he did speak to them, saying rather chillingly,

“Your blog, alleging corruption, where you make false accusations about me and this newspaper isn’t, in my opinion, a wise move ” “Good luck with your fight.. .. .. .. …. Mike”.

Mr Jarvis, CC Communications Dept whom we know never make mistakes, claim one thing and you claim another. I did not make false accusations about you or your newspaper. I believe you rather than them because you are good looking and unlike many managers at Cornwall Council, you are smartly dressed. And that goes a long way with old fashioned fuddy duddies like me.

I hope I have clarified the situation so can we please lay this matter to rest ? Thank you.


At today’s date, no one has, since 5th Nov ’14, responded to my article request to come forward and identify themselves as being one of the ‘Upton Cross 8 or 9’. Some feel they never existed but if they do not, then why did Mr Christopher Weight and Mr Jarman send me a mobile text and emails stating these persons do exist ? Gentlemen, if you want credence, you have some explaining to do.


I was never interested in replying to online comments about my article but received facebook messages late November ’14 from someone giving, understandably, a false persona.

This person tells me that Cornwall Council employs “a disproportionate number of bigots, bullies and racists etc who abuse their power and authority.” “Human Resources and Equality staff are a joke and let all sorts go on.”

This person finishes that although they are now employed elsewhere with better conditions, they wish they had never worked at Cornwall Council and still feel haunted by their time there.

I am not the only person with problems with Cornwall Council and in order to protect this person, I have afforded them anonymity.


Cornwall Council’s Legal Services’ letter to me dated 16th December ’14 denies all my allegations of corruption and bullying, I was particularly amused at the author’s claim that I called Mr Fitzpatrick “immoral”.  I never said or wrote any such or similar thing. This is such an old fashioned word that one rarely hears it, these days. The author imagined this word. Enough has been said about Mr Fitzpatrick who may have a tendency to nebulous letter writing and empty threats. But immoral ? Never. He could well be a very nice man who is bound on pain of unemployment to follow Council policy. I grudgingly give him the benefit of the doubt.

The author of this letter requests that I remove my article and accompanying photographs of Christopher Weight, Adam Fitzpatrick and John Harris from wordpress. As my article is truthful and accurate, I see no reason to remove it. The photographs are taken from the Cornwall News magazine and Tenants’ Voice leaflet distributed free of charge to all Cornwall Housing tenants. As these photographs are shown so often in these magazines and on Cornwall Council’s website, it would seem rather silly to object to them. Therefore the author’s request is refused.




I am unable to reply to this letter as it is unsigned. Above typed ‘Legal Services’ someone has written in, I feel, a female hand in black biro: ‘Legal Services’. The author took the trouble to write their department but could not bring themselves to write their name.

The letter reference LB/TJT traces via Cornwall Council’s website to Laura Ellen Baglow, one of 35 solicitors employed by Cornwall Council. To date, I have received no reply to my emails dated 27th Dec ’14 to this lady, Mr R. A.Williams, Head of Legal Services and Matthew Stokes all at Legal Services, asking who is the author. Come on, Chaps and Chapesses – as Eric Pickles’ office has emailed me, you need to show “transparency and accountability”. And come out from behind that filing cabinet.


I am concerned that this letter is headed: NOT FOR PUBLICATION and am informed that such council letters are embedded with an encryption to prevent computers copying them for online publication.

The computer used to transcribe my original ‘CORNWALL COUNCIL CORRUPTION’ article online suffered strange gremlins with capital letters in the text appearing as lower case and vice versa. Punctuation was disarrayed with full stops appearing where they were not originally typed. All this took weeks to rectify but we got there in the end. All Cornwall Council did was to waste an expert’s time and one wonders why Cornwall Council or any other council would want to prevent reproduction of this or any other council sent letter.

Experts will surely find a way around heavy handed councils who continue these practices.


I am indebted to the Bishop of Truro, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton whose 8th December ’14 letter to me assures me that he will look into this matter though as yet I have heard nothing. It was kind of him to do so but I feel there may be some regret on his part at having agreed to become involved.


These articles will remain on wordpress for nearly 10 years or for as long as wordpress exists or agrees to its publication, the rent having been paid in advance.


If Cornwall Council want to further this matter in court, it will cost them taxpayers’ money as a corporate body while private individuals will have to pay their own costs. If sued, I have been advised that I shall be entitled to Legal Aid. Although the stress of a court case would probably see the end of me, I doubt Cornwall Council would be particularly worried. I have also been advised that Cornwall Council are unlikely to sue me as they know, deep down, that my allegations are true.


I shall end on a whimsical, if not gut churning, note. If anyone would like to see Head of Legal Services, Mr R.A. Williams filmed clawing at his genitals and thrusting his pelvis while presumably drunk, in the Council Chambers, search:

You Tube – Richard Williams, ‘A View to a Kill’. 

To reassure those of a nervous disposition, I should add that Mr Williams was fully clothed and miming to Duran Duran’s version of the James Bond theme tune.

This echoes with Mr Simon Mansell, Principal Legal Officer, who has recently and very sensibly removed photographs on his facebook page of his scantily clad lady friend in various saucy poses. It is understandable that a man near retirement age would want to show off his younger lady friend and I wish them well for the future but these photographs and other images are unprofessional and inappropriate. They do Cornwall Council no favours. I have no wish to prevent anyone’s enjoyment but such behaviour commands little respect.

At present, with a little help from a Vicar, a Bishop and an ex-council staff member – for me a Holy Trinity – I seem to have boxed the now silent Cornwall Council up against the ropes.

I feel it apposite to leave comments on the perilous state of this country to journalists and news readers. I shall concentrate on Cornwall Council.

A short, fat, middleaged woman wobbling on a stick often wonders how she came to be grappling with giants.

But for the moment, Goliath is sitting hunched and head down in his corner staring at the canvas.

And David sits listening. He waits. He wonders. Will there be a sickening jolt ?

Will he hear :

“Seconds away……”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “DING ! DING !”

© Laura E. Thomas 21st January 2015

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