Picture shows : Simon JR Mansell MBE.

Article published by Laura E. Thomas on 05 October 2016.



Dear Mr Mansell,

I felt I should write because, of late, you have been causing me problems.

Please let me begin with your previous job title ‘Principal Legal Officer’. With this title you were never a principal anything, were you ?

As stated in Part 1,  you are a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives which is a qualification lower than that of a solicitor.

This begs the question : How on earth could a legal executive be in charge of the 35 qualified solicitors at Cornwall Council ?

To reiterate, this is like a classroom assistant being in charge of 35 qualified teachers. Or the tail wagging the dog.

Your new job title seems to be a demotion, due perhaps to the embarrassment felt by Cornwall Council over your activities. We also notice that you seem to be protecting Mr John Pollard with the ironic title ‘Portfolio Holder for Reputations and Performance’. What reputation is that exactly ? Do tell.

The problems you have caused me are the handful of persons who have written to me about you. And it isn’t pleasant reading.

These persons say you have been reported not only to the Solicitors Regulation Authority but to the Institute of Legal Executives and Action on Fraud, all for your Council activities.

Action on Fraud returned the complainant’s requested documents not to the complainant but to Cornwall Council who, I am informed, refuses to return them to the complainant. Very strange.

You have been reported many times to the Ombudsman who, comically, has always stated that the complainant’s point of contact be …..You, the complained about !

I cannot be the only person pleased that some general complaints to any Ombudsman are upheld but some complaints would have to be upheld for the system to have any credence. I feel deep down in my titanium bones that any Ombudsman exists mainly to protect the complained about.

It is fairly obvious that you are being protected by those organisations and I want to know why.

The truth is that you are hurting people. People who are too frightened to be named in this article for fear of reprisals.

There is something rotten at the heart of Cornwall Council and the name most complained about in the letters and communications I have received is yours.

I have never been arrested and although I worked as a volunteer in a prison years ago, I have never seen the inside of a police cell. Thanks to you Mr Mansell, these people have. Well done ! You seem so good at hurting people.

This ‘something rotten’ is a deeply held conviction I have about the higher echelons at Cornwall Council, though when this is over I don’t doubt you will do your best to ensure than my conviction is of a criminal kind. Go on Simon, you’ve done it before, you can do it again.

Please don’t think the 3’Cs loop hasn’t been noticed. That’s Cops, Council and Coodes. The Council pay Police salaries. Someone upsets you and you speak to the Cops. Then a falsely arrested victim is entitled to a duty solicitor which is where Coodes come in. And Coodes work for the Council. And I believe you are married to a lady who is a legal executive at a Coodes branch. This follows being a legal executive at Cornwall Council.

So the victim who, on your say so, is in a custody cell eventually notices the ‘tampered with’ Police audio interview recordings and sections of the interview video recordings which have obviously been removed. British Standard Time shown on the recording proved this and it is risable that the main removed section concerned none other than you !

That particular Coodes duty solicitor denied knowing your name or who you worked for which is not really believable, but believed she had heard of your wife. The one the whole wide world must have heard of and has been seen on the World Wide Web. All of her.

Coodes solicitors have admitted that it is not out of the question that your wife could have passed on confidential information and evidence to the Council or more precisely, by what is known in the Legal profession as ‘Pillow Talk’ to you, the very person who originally instigated these shenanigans.

Some will say, I need to learn more about Council rules but I could not cope with being dragged through any more Council sleaze. Also, I am not tough enough to survive any more disputes with you or the higher echelons.

I am inviting you to visit me at my Council bungalow. I will give you a good lunch and you can tell me how a mere File has such power and how the hell you get away with frightening people and making their lives such a prolonged misery.

I believe, in your case, the MBE stands for Malicious, Bullying and Egregious.

I want to finish this matter before you retire which will not come a moment too soon for some of us.

Yours sincerely,

Laura E. Thomas.

PS. Please don’t waste your time with a 4th threat of legal action. I cannot wait to get into court to tell the judge all about it.


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