Cornwall Council

Let me begin 40 years ago when, as a junior secretary, I bought my own mortgaged house in a downmarket terraced street as, like most first time buyers, it was all I could afford.

During those 8 years there, a murder happened nearby.

Once, we all stood at 3am in the street in our dressing gowns watching as orange flames lit the darkness.  Thought to be a grudge attack, someone had set fire to a local business.

The street-end narrow lane provided the perfect sheltered spot for grudge assaults of which there were a few.

Angry notes  –  ‘D​on’t park here!’ were often seen under wiper blades and return angry notes would either be taped to front doors or pushed through letter boxes.

My house front down pipe was ripped off by a group of 4 drunks having a marital dispute at 1am.  The next day, the sobered up husband with a leg broken by his wife in the dispute, hobbled around in plaster and on crutches.  They did not mention or replace the dangling downpipe.

In spite of all this, I managed to get on with most people.  No one ever bullied me. I was always pleasant and polite to all, avoided some, and gave and received in return what you could call respect.  Some neighbours were very decent people. They were, I felt, ‘pillars of society’. I felt privileged to have known them.

I find it best to give difficult neighbours a wide berth though I have managed to get on with almost everyone in my 8 owned house moves plus 4 years with Ocean and rented flats in the private sector.  It is not always easy but, sometimes with a grinding of teeth, I seem to have managed it.

I admit that until coming to Cornwall Housing, I had no idea of what tenants could be made to suffer at the hands of bullying Housing managers.




Over 3 years ago, In CCC Part 1, Housing Director Peter Jarman insisted that the now infamous ‘Upton Cross 8 or 9 residents in the village’ made complaints about me.  It was obvious to me that Josie Calahan, no 7, Carnedon and Sandra Rycroft no 6, were 2 of them.  2 other neighbours denied making complaints and I was left, for the next over 3 years to wonder who were the other 6 or 7.

It is interesting that Housing Manager, Stuart Blackie said he had received only 1 written complaint about me.  He then denied it, saying he did not remember saying it.  Another case of selective memory.

Therefore, the remaining 7 or 8 complaints, if they ever existed, must have been verbal after being approached by a Council employee.

After my requested visit, Christopher Weight at the Antisocial Behaviour Dept agreed to investigate Josie Calahan’s insistence, backed up by Sandra Rycroft that ‘a higher authority  –  the Council’ had called me a ‘troublemaker’.

Late last year 2016, I requested notes written about me from Cornwall Council under the Freedom of Information Act.  I was given 3 months to complain about any entries.  Shocked on reading them, I put them away, finding dealing with this matter too distressing.  I see no reason why I or anyone else should have to comply with this 3 month rule and wonder whether it was ratified by Central Government or decided by the Council.

I am not expecting Cornwall Council to deal with the following complaints.  Now in mid May ’17,  I am merely recording them.



The following reports by Christopher Weight show how he blew a tuppenny ha’penny dispute up out of all proportion into what has ruined my 4 year stay at Upton Cross.


Common Definition: Cross Between Wimp and Woos


Line 2 is stunning.  How many times do I have to say that Josie Calahan insisted Cornwall Council called me a troublemaker?  That is what she said.

Mid paragraph, Mr Weight is patronising in calling my property clean and tidy.

Paragraph 2 is inaccurately recorded.  I am fed up with correcting this nonsense and lies.

Paragraph  3

Mr Weight told me during the visit that, if anyone at Cornwall Council had called me a troublemaker, it was, in his opinion, most likely to have been the now retired Housing Manager, Angie Morrissey. Part 1 A WEIGHT ON MY MIND.

The only thing that could have followed me to Upton Cross was my then previous neighbour  – Part 1, POTATO GUN OWNER WITH CHIPS ON SHOULDER  –  the 2 guns owner who was thought by the Police to have keyed my mobility car.  The night before I left, he said, ‘I’m gunna find out where you’re going, go down there (Upton Cross) and tell them what you’r​e like’.

On mentioning this, Mr Weight told me that this man’s criminal family ‘a​re like an octopus with tentacles stretching throughout Cornwall’.  This gives some idea of what I had to live next door to.

In last line, Mr Weight is confused.  The term used was ‘troublemaker’.​  It is Council employees like Weight who have contributed to the ‘polarisation of  society’ and the personal comments of such an unqualified person are of no value here.


Yes, I agree that relations with the tenants had been soured.


1st Paragraph End

Weight visited Sandra Rycroft at no 6.  My complaints about adaptations to my property were about the last property where I was forced to get in and out of a bath every day as CC were so slow to agree to a shower only adaptation.

The Council ignored my Orthopaedic Surgeon’s letter that ‘given Miss Thomas’ complicated hip condition, falling in the bath would constitute a disaster. So it was OK for me to fall in the bath and be seriously injured or even drown.  Cornwall Council couldn’t have care less.  My thoughts are for other similarly disadvantaged tenants.

This  gives impression I was complaining about my present property which I was very pleased with and grateful that Stuart Blackie had found it for me.

The last line deliberately shows me again in a bad light. I deny constant moaning.  Considering what I had been through, I feel I was lucky not to have had a nervous breakdown.  Mrs Rycroft did her fair share of moaning.  I will spare her embarrassment by not saying exactly what.

Before  Rycroft and Calahan turned on me, I was fine with everyone.

Paragraph 2

It is unbelievable that either of these two Battleaxes were ‘frightened and stunned’.  No one has considered that, as a single woman with approaching serious operations, I may have been frightened and stunned.  I definitely did not ‘storm off’.

Paragraph  3

The last line is almost amusing. A bus driver at that time was well known for gossip.  I learnt quite a lot from him about neighbours I knew nothing about! Why doesn’t bullying Christopher Weight investigate and write reports about him?

Last Paragraph  4

The ‘barmaid’ here is Sandra Rycroft who told me she used to be a barmaid years ago and everyone told her their business. It seems your gossip has now come back to bite you, Mrs. Rycroft.

In the last sentence, I am seen a someone so ‘aggressive and nasty’ that poor defenceless Mrs Rycroft needs to be protected from me by Mr Weight.  What a joke!

It is difficult to see that I could have ‘generated all this unpleasantness’ on my own. Weight should be writing TV scripts.  He shows talent for imaginative comedy.


Paragraph 1

Yes, Mr Weight, I do believe you are inept and both the neighbours above are definitely telling lies.  The usually sensible Stuart Blackie is in no position to call these silly reports ‘comprehensive and balanced’.  He doesn’t live in Council Housing and does not experience the daily antisocial behaviour of such neighbours.

Paragraph  2

It is comical that Mr Weight is ‘most concerned about the welfare of Rycroft or Calahan’.   If either was genuinely ‘traumatized’, why didn’t they get help from their GP?  Traumatised seems here to mean ashamed of their actions.

One GP at my surgery did say I had been traumatised by events in the past events 10 years and did offer counselling which, having seen the online handbook, I felt was very basic and group based.  I declined it.


Paragraph  1

6th line down.   Josie Calahan DID mention Cornwall Housing.  Frankly, at this point, I am fed up with writing about their lies.  At sentence end, Mr Weight DOES seem to be taking their side over mine.  He believed their lies.

The last paragraph is disgusting.  I was not spreading malicious gossip; Rycroft and Calahan have been spreading it about me.

I do not understand lines 2 – 4.  What was I supposed to have admitted?  Other residents did support me in a casual way.

Line 5  amuses me.  Who does this ex-rent and debt collector think he is, in deciding I am ‘inflaming matters’ and that ‘this is unacceptable’?   I find him high handed and laughable.

Line 6 is the nub of the ‘Upton Cross 8 or 9’ where Weight seems to show off that he has ‘independent witnesses’.   You are about to find out who one of them was!

The last line is correct.  During this call, I had Council workmen in my garden, very kindly arranged by Stuart Blackie, who were cutting back thick overgrown bushes.  I had told them that if they needed anything, to knock at my door.  This they did just as Mr Weight says. Shocked at his tone and content, I was flustered by the door knocking and told him I had to answer the door,  I did not hang up on him.

Can you see, once again, Cornwall Council will misrepresent and discredit whomsoever they please by any means they can.




Paragraph   2

Mr Weight, I was not intimidating and aggressive towards Calahan and Rycroft;  I was stunned at their turn of attitude towards me..  It beggars belief that you, an ex-debt collector would be intimidated by an upset 5′ and ½ an inch woman, wobbling on a stick.  If you are really so easily intimidated, perhaps you need to find another job.  Perhaps packing in a cottonwool factory?

Who is the wimp and woos here?  Me or you?

Paragraph  3

It is staggering that in the 1st line Calahan finally admits to saying the Council had called me a troublemaker.  However, in the last sentence Calahan is very confused as she says the source of the information she quoted was from, in fact …me!  And her opinion of me.

This does not make sense and I am surprised that Weight could not see this.  What makes Weight think she has any credence talking this sort of confused babble?


Page 2   1st paragraph

Here Weight does not make much sense either, saying that Rycroft and Calahan have provided him with details of independent witnesses.  So the witnesses were found for Weight, they did not come forward of their own accord. This is just as I thought.  And how are they independent?

Apparently I have been criticising the Council in public.  This must surely amount to a crime.  I am surprised I have not been locked up! Am I the only person in UK to do this?

Again, Weight says that my criticising locally respected residents is unacceptable and only going to inflame matters.  You do go on, Mr Weight! And they are not respected by me!

2nd Paragraph

Weight plays the Judge here when he decides he found their statements (just like the Police) were comprehensive and compelling.  There was no reason for him not to find my side of events to be comprehensive and compelling.  To cap it all, Judge Weight decides my actions were provocative, unnecessary and my complaint which Josie Calahan has admitted to is unfounded.

I am surprised Judge Weight doesn’t say in a withering tone, ‘Laura Thomas, society must be protected from you.  You will go to prison for 10 years.  Take her down’.

3rd Paragraph

Weight then quotes something about damaging people’s houses, racist behaviour and violence which simply does not and never has concerned me. It would be quite insulting if it wasn’t so amusing.

4th and final paragraph.

He rounds it off with a nice little threat that he may take action against my tenancy.  Mr Weight, you do not have enough credibility or authority to so much as swat a fly.  You are a pompous man who needs to learn to read and understand people.  You need to learn about diplomacy and life in general. And you should have had the sense to realise that anything you wrote behind my back could be read under the FoI Act.

Please never darken my door or my computer screen again.




I remember going to Upton Cross Post Office in November ’13, a few months after arriving to collect my Sunday paper.  It is possible David Roberts, the then Post Master asked me how I was settling in.  I have a vague memory of telling him of my shock and upset that Calahan and Rycroft had insisted in an aggressive way that the Council had called me a ‘troublemaker’. Why should I keep such distress bottled up?

I never for one moment thought that one of the Upton Cross 8 or 9 would be David Roberts, the then Post Master.   He is clearly named in line 6

David Roberts Upton Cross



None of this concerns the present Post Master of Upton Cross Post Office, Mr and Mrs Greg and Nicci Norman who took over the running of this Post Office in 2014.

Here, Roberts says that my account of being shocked and upset by these neighbours was, in his view, ‘open criticism of them’.

No one seemed bothered about my shock and distress that in PAPERBACK WRITER SHELVED BY NEIGHBOURS, Josie Calahan had denied saying this, changing her story to ‘the higher authority’ was ‘herself’.  With only Rycroft present, I had no witnesses to call my own.

The only amusing part is that someone at Cornwall Council Data Protection Dept forgot to redact or obscure David Roberts’ name.  Holding the page to the light, it is also just about possible to make out ‘roft’ and ‘Cal’.  Simon Mansell in charge of Data Protection has overseen a poor job in collating these notes.

After recounting frankly, nauseating  details of a situation involving Social Services years previously, Mrs Rycroft then criticizes me for my offloading details of the abused children I tried to help years previously.  I suspect my account prompted her feelings of discomfort.

In the last sentence, Christopher Weight seems to be spying on me by asking David Roberts to record any further incidents.

After what I had been through, it would not have been healthy to ‘keep things bottled up’.  I feel I did nothing wrong in telling David Roberts that two neighbours, whom until then were friendly, had verbally attacked me, encouraging certain other neighbours to ignore me.

I really do not care to drag myself over these upsetting and unsettling details of dealing with Devon and Cornwall Police, Child Social Services and the Youth Offending Team  over child abuse, incest and general deprivation.  I had to fight for a Police investigation which resulted in a cover up.

This was followed by 4 years of misery at my previous and first Council property  and included living between the aforementioned two mentally ill, aggressive  tenants, illegal weapons, and no help from the Council or Police.

In line 7, David Roberts considers Rycroft and Calahan to be ‘well respected’.

Just as one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s Saturday night drunk and one person’s darling 4 year old is another person’s screaming  brat, so Mr Roberts’ well respected Rycroft and Calahan are my mendacious, hypocritical backstabbing  neighbours.

Weight and Roberts are no better than Rycroft and Calahan  –  Malicious Gossips.

Council Managers are supposed to remain impartial though in Part 1 Christopher Weight, Adam Fitzpatrick and Matthew Clemens seemed more like Judge and Jury.

No one in all this, except a previous and present GP, realized I needed help and counselling to say nothing of a third hip revision.  Most people do not even know what a hip revision is.   I feel cynical enough now that Counsellors can counsel me only when they have experienced what I have been through.

Christopher Weight’s minute sifting of who said what to whom gives the impression of wanting to feel more important than he really is and that maybe, an application to join the Police years previously was rejected.  Doing ‘investigations’ and hurting tenants seems to bolster his ego.

I feel only contempt for people so spineless that they defame, hurt and damage others while hiding behind a well worn and niffy cloak of anonymity.  Anything I have ever written in my articles has ended with my name and address and an invitation to those named therein to visit me and discuss it.  No one ever has.

In all my owned and rented house moves over 40 years, I have never known such malice and deliberate antisocial behaviour as that shown to me by David Roberts,  Cornwall Council and neighbours at Carnedon.

If the events above are typical of Council Housing, God help all Council tenants.


After Mr Adrian Drake at Highways Dept,    Part 4  DRAKE DUCKS RESPONSIBILITY, said I would be prosecuted for putting up my suggested laminated signs warning of the danger underfoot in badly paved  Pig Meadow Lane, Liskeard, I dealt with a very sympathetic sounding Kelly and Emma at Highways.


Lauras Docs 002 1

I deny being ‘very upset’ and I categorically deny that I threatened to graffiti walls or put up signs.  I suggested, I did not threaten.   Can you see, that careless use of  vocabulary, however minor, shows the subject and tenant in a very bad light ?

Which of you lovely ladies is responsible for this is redacted.  And I would prefer not to know though it is quite touching that the author seems to care enough to ask:

‘is there anything further we could do in these circumstances?’





This email from the Information and Governance Manager Simon Mansell, Legal and Democratic (not legal or democratic at all, in my opinion) Services asks for personal info about me.  You will notice that Simon is one of the persons being sent the email so why would he want to send an email to himself?

My email to Alex Thompson Morgan, said by Stuart Blackie to be the authority on Data Protection at Cornwall Council, asks if anonymity to tenants is granted by Central Government or the Council.

The Data Protection Team replies that although the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act were ratified by Central Government, anonymity is granted on a case by case basis.  Therefore, Cornwall Council seem to have granted Calahan. Rycroft and Roberts the anonymity they were not brave enough to refuse.

Here the Council sounds like , ‘We have to do as the boss says but we tend to suit ourselves’.

My question:  What is meant by personal information?  is answered by:

‘Information held on an individual is held across many departments and services.  These departments are contacted and asked if they hold any relevant information.  This is to ensure the requesters receive a full response.’

So you still haven’t said what you mean by personal information, Ladies.

Having been told that Councils will discredit people by any means they can, I am reminded of  Christopher Weight’s nonsensical claim that I was convinced the neighbours were talking about me and there being no evidence of it.  This apparently led Mr Weight to tell my GP that he was led to  believe I was ‘paranoid’!

There is plenty of evidence of gossiping neighbours in Weight’s rubbishy reports.   And my GP?  He laughed, insisted I was not paranoid, and said he would have nothing more to do with Christopher Weight or Cornwall Council.  And neither will I.

This makes me wonder if, in their ‘any personal info’ email, Legal and not so Democratic Services are looking for any dirt in my life to use to discredit me.

Please, don’t  tell them about the 5 years I did in Styall Prison for that bank job in 68. It was a fit up. I only drove the getaway car and I couldn’t prove that the tenners stuffed down my knickers weren’t from the ATM.


You will read later about a St Austell Businessman, Mr Geoff McLaughlin  who, in dispute with Adult Social Care and after years as a carer refusing to accept their decisions about his then very ill wife, was asked if he would undergo a mental assessment.  He did.

Later, his FoI notes showed someone from Adult Social Care emailing:

‘Do we have anything on him mentally?’

They didn’t so they suggested a mental assessment in the hope of discrediting him.  How very underhanded.  One might be forgiven for thinking we were living in Russia.  The assessment showed no mental impairment was found.   This seems to show some desperation on their part in sinking to such depths.


Mrs Kim Williams, Housing Manager claimed in one email to someone that I had ‘demanded’ the paving stones from my front door to the street be changed as I thought they were slippery.  Many surfaces are slippery in the wet and I definitely did not demand or even ask for anything.   More about Mrs Williams later.

I have read only half the notes sent to me and frankly, sickened by the lies and misrepresentation will leave the rest unread.  I would advise everyone to request and read all notes held on you by any organisation.  Please don’t come crying to me  –  I already know the shock of reading such craven duplicity.


For decades, a feeling of ‘something isn’t right’ has permeated this country.  We could never say why we were expected to obey such silly rules as ‘No conkers in schools’ as children might be injured and sue the school or other parents.  We have been feeling that our country is not our country anymore and Heaven help you if you mention foreigners  –  You are not allowed to and may be sent on a ‘Diversity’ Course.

For me, everything clicked into place when I found out about ‘Common Purpose’. This is a vile and insidious organization charging £5,000 for  leadership courses while posing as a charity. Founded in 1989,  there are many newspaper reports to be found online.  It is described as being ‘quasi-Masonic’ due to its networking activities.

Founder Julia Middleton says:

‘Pupils (Common Purpose course takers) can learn to work together to change society for the better’.

Whose idea of better do they mean? After these courses are completed, the pupils, who have taken no exams and have no qualifications are disingenously called ‘graduates’.

These courses include the use of Neurolinguistic Programming  –   a form of brain washing which can, under certain circumstances eg, counselling for trauma cases, have genuinely beneficial effects.  However, Common Purpose uses this to attempt to alter the way a pupil’s thought processes work in order to break down and eliminate their established values and principals.

Once these values and principles are altered, the pupil is then encouraged by networking to ‘disrupt from within’; to silence by bullying, humiliating or stressing individuals who ‘answer back’ or ‘buck the system’ –  the Common Purpose system.

Ultimately, the purpose is to weaken, destablise and eventually destroy the fabric of society so as to bring about a ‘new world order’ with Common Purpose graduates in high and influential positions.

Admittedly, this may sound like an extract from a futuristic novel but please read on.


Brian-Gerrish-0757 cropped


Brian Gerrish’s online ‘Common Purpose Exposed’ videos will enlighten you about the country you always thought you knew enough about.

Online lists exist showing past ‘graduates’ though they are not necessarily complete. My email requests for Common Purpose graduate lists to Richard Williams, Head of Legal and not so Democratic Services and Peter Jarman, Director of Housing did not merit replies.  I never thought they would.

This Common Purpose bullying treatment reminds me of Adam Fitzpatrick and Matthew Clemens who, in Part 1, ‘RED SOCKS, MORE SHOCKS AND I LOSE IT’, called me a ‘perpetrator’.   Feeling this to be a word more usually used by the Police, I asked what I had done to deserve this label.

Adam Fitzpatrick replied, ‘You’ve criticized the Council and you’ve criticized the neighbours!’.

Such an attack and chipping away at someone’s self-esteem is a tool used by Common Purpose to eventually destroy someone’s spirit.  Well, even after 3 written threats of legal action, they haven’t destroyed mine.   However, Free Speech in this country seems to be dying a lingering death.

Brian Gerrish insists there are two Managers at County Hall, Truro who have their own offices dedicated to Common Purpose though my emails asking for these names have, as expected, yielded no result.

His 2012 online video concerning Cornwall, Penzance being mentioned often, is recommended as is every online lecture given by this ex Royal Navy Officer who is very plausible and obviously knows his facts.  Brian Gerrish is the only speaker I would endorse or recommend in certain similar video lectures.



Brian Gerrish reading the latest Common Purpose news in his daily UKColumn online video at 1pm is also worth watching.



There are more people outside the Council than in it.  Do the maths.  Cornwall Council are our servants  –   not our masters.  Ms Kennally, CEO Cornwall Council, you have never replied to any of my emails or letters.  Is there anything you would like to say?


Cornwall Council has recently decided to inspect outgoing tenants’ properties to ensure there have been no alterations or damage without permission.    This seems only sensible.  However, I was made to have 3 totally unnecessary Void visits on this bungalow when I have never actually found another place or given notice.

The first visit was by bossy Housing Manager, Mrs Kim Williams.

On the second occasion, last year,  I rejected the allocated property as unsuitable simply by looking in through the windows.  That did not stop Mrs Williams from making another unnecessary Void appointment.  Mrs Williams was accompanied by (don’t you dare laugh) the very pleasant –  no, the downright dishy Surveyor, Mr Phil Forde who asked why I wanted to leave Cornwall.

My reply that I had had so many problems with the Council was cut short by Mrs Williams’ very firm,  ‘We are not going down that road, Laura…..!’

I was surprised I kept quiet but I did.   Mrs Williams obviously did not want me telling Mr Forde about my online CCC articles.

Mrs Williams suddenly declared, ‘I have my system!  We’ll start in the hall!’

As she marched away, Mr Forde and I followed like 7 year olds after an irate Headteacher.



In the hall, she instructed me, ‘Remove that picture!’  It wasn’t a picture.  It was a large, framed, glass fronted, 19th century embroidery sampler.  Did she really think I would leave a family heirloom behind?  Then she ordered me to, ‘Remove the coat hooks….Fill in the screw holes !’

It was a great pleasure when Mr Forde muttered to me, ‘Don’t bother.’ Smiling, he finished, ‘It’ll give the lads something to do.’

Bellowing, ‘Good decorative order!’everywhere she went, Mrs Williams entered my kitchen.

Reassuring them I would replace the square counter top, removed to gain access to my wall cupboards, she knitted her brows as she tapped her pen on her clipboard, ‘Yes, do that!’

Again, Mr Forde smiled, ‘Don’t bother.’ A new kitchen may have been in mind.

Mrs Williams, having decided not to instruct me to remove my potato masher and all wall racked hanging utensils, we returned to the lounge where her beady eye was downcast.

‘Take up the carpets when you go (only I wasn’t going, was I ?) And the underlay… and the bedroom!’

Sensing confrontation, I pointed out quietly that it maybe a good idea to leave the carpets and underlay as they were covering deeply gouged and pitted composition floors which were in that state when I arrived.  It would only give problems to the next tenant.

The god of Surveyors smiled down on me as they sent an angel called Phil Forde who agreed, ‘Yes, leave it.  The carpets are clean and good quality.’  So that put bossy Mrs Williams firmly in her place.

We had a giggle when Mr Forde asked if there was anything in my attic.  I replied that it had all been cleared except for the cannabis plants and a few hot lamps.

Asking did he want me to fetch the stepladder so he could check, he bit his lip and gave an uncertain grin, ‘No, er… it’s OK.’

‘Are you sure ?’ I asked, smothering a smile.  Again, he gave an uncertain shake of his head and turned away.

Mr Forde, thanks for the much needed delicious giggle and honestly, there were no cannabis plants in the attic.  Thank God, you never found the Romanians renting the back garden.


Four neighbours have reported seeing rats in their gardens.  One morning, I found sawdust on my hall floor where the bottom of the bathroom door had been gnawed away.  I put down sachets of rat poison on 7th April.  We were brought up not to leave mouse-attracting food scraps around.  The next morning the sachet was gone  –  dragged away, I am told.

The rat attack started on Sunday, 9th April at 9.30pm.  In my lounge with the door thankfully closed, I was terrified by knocking and thumping noises in my small galley kitchen.  The general noise was as if a cat or dog had got in through the slightly open window and was desperate to get out.  The thumping noises sounded as if a large dog was furiously banging its tail against the floor cupboard doors.  I even thought I might have burglars.

I told you I am a wimp in FALLEN WOMAN REDEEMED BY THE CO-OP.  Part  4   Hours later, I summoned up the courage to open the door. Nothing had been disturbed except for about ¾ inch of sawdust and bits gnawed off the bathroom door and the corner of the floor cupboard. I could not understand at that point how a rat/rats could make such a noise.  The gap was now wide enough for a rat to pass under and shoot around my entire bungalow.



The Welsh  are an emotional race.  My 25% of Welshness made me panic, though not in the Front line war meaning of the word.

Emailing Stuart Blackie next day of my departure from Carnedon as soon as I had found another privately rented place, I placed a newspaper advert to show a week later.  Stuart obviously failed to understand the upset  –  let’s call it terror  –   I felt at a single, disabled pensioner having her bathroom door chewed to pieces.

Next day, he replied by email that my email’s date would be the start of my notice and my tenancy would end on  8th May. The following day, Kim Williams left a phone message that she wanted to do another Void visit.

3 days later I received a letter from her that I would be leaving on not the 8th but the 7th May and to hand keys in on 8th.  It tended to give the impression they wanted me out!  I will never know why.

Stuart had ignored the fact that I had not given a moving date or even started to look for another place.  One would think rats were enough to deal with, without what seemed to be a second eviction; the first being an eviction threat from my problem with unwanted Weight in Part 1 THREAT OF EVICTION early ’14.

On advice from one of my nicer neighbours, I emailed our MP Mrs Sheryll Murray, Laurence Reed at Radio Cornwall and the Editor of the Cornish Guardian.  The only reply was a return of post letter from the House of Commons.  An assistant wrote that Mrs Murray was treating the matter as urgent.

3 days later, Mr Phil Forde arrived with a diamond earringed Richard Lewis to do my 3rd and completely unnecessary Void visit.  Refusing coffee as busy, they agreed to have a cover put over my bathroom external drain.  After being given an account of my problems with CC and my articles Parts 1  –  5, Mr Forde explained that the banging noises in Kitchen Ratgate were caused by the rat being rendered demented by the poison.  That is useful to know when dealing with rats.  Either sibilant or suited.

A few hours later, I received an email from Stuart Blackie that my tenancy was not being terminated.  Next day, a contrite sounding Stuart rang.  We know men find it difficult to say sorry so there was no actual apology but Stuart said I could stay at Carnedon for next 20 years or for as long as I liked.

I never heard from the Editor of the Cornish Guardian and Laurence Reed only emailed to say ‘glad about the good result’.  Not wanting to embarrass Stuart with ‘Who made you stand to attention? I believe that Mrs Murray’s intervention saved the day and my sanity.



After recording Mrs Murray in Part 4  ON SHAKY GROUND, I have to say thankyou very much, Mrs Murray for your efforts.  I feel you really showed how good and caring you are.  Never before has anyone acted so quickly in helping a frightened and unaided pensioner.

The rat entry, stuffed with rags, was found to be a hole left by the shower installers who cut the white plastic at right angles around a pipe instead of a curve.  I now felt able to use my bathroom without fear.   By email, Stuart Blackie was finally allowed off the naughty seat.

And Mrs Kim Williams?  Please never tell a tenant or anyone what they can and cannot say in their own home.  It is rude, domineering and unacceptable.  That is why you, along with Messrs Weight, Fitzpatrick and Clemens have been banned from contacting or approaching me again.  If Common Purpose is not at work here, then it’s another case of plain bullying.




At the end of 2015, I had sussed Simon Mansell as having inordinate and inexplicable power at Cornwall Council though I never thought deeply at that point  as to how he could be authorized to hold this power.

I was amazed at reports of what seemed to be malicious bullying of  St Austell businessman Geoff McLaughlin who had dared to blog his truthful and evidence-supported complaints of 2 false arrests, appalling Police treatment at St Austell and Newquay Police stations and 2 bogus harassment Magistrates Court cases.  These truthful blogs were felt to constitute embarrassment and harassment for Devon and Cornwall Police.

After a 2 hour wait on both occasions, firstly, he was not called into court and was told to go home. At the 2nd case he was asked if he would accept a caution for harassment rather than go into court ?  Reluctantly, he did.

We had all had a good laugh at Simon’s wife, near naked in inappropriate online  photos and I decided to draw a line under such nonsense.  In the new year, I would return to my old life, cooking for the disadvantaged as a cookery fanatic and writing gritty online novels.

Having had too much negative contact with Peter Jarman, Director of Housing and Jane Barlow, Head of something at CC, ‘Mailing Shambles Jarlow’ was already half written years ago.  My fresh start was not to be.


At the beginning of January, I received a letter from an elderly home and landowning couple in very poor health who had read my CCC articles.

It was obvious that my complaints of Council bullying and harassment paled into insignificance compared with this couple whose experiences were even more shocking than those suffered by Geoff McLaughlin.

I do not wish to dwell on conveyancing, boundary and planning disputes except to say that over the years, their health and retirement has been completely ruined by Simon Mansell’s insistence on Cornwall Council’s gaining access over their private land to reach nearby land owned by a Development Company in which Cornwall Council has shares.  The Development Company is facing bankruptcy with debts of £1.7 million.  Cornwall Councillor is their main creditor. Most letters are signed by Simon Mansell.

All our complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman were marked:

Main point of contact:  Simon Mansell  – the very person we all complained about!

Simon Mansell also sent reports to the Standards Committee supporting Cornwall Council’s insistence that they are ‘unreasonable and persistent complainants’.

I am informed that the Development Company went Limited in February 2008 just before Simon Mansell sent his report to the LGO in May 2008.

At that point I wrote Part 5 ‘AN OPEN LETTER TO SIMON MANSELL’  inviting him to come to lunch and tell me how he was able to cause so much pain to ordinary people.  Obviously, Simon never came to lunch.  I was peeved.  No one has any idea how long I had to queue for that strychnine!

Drummond Smith cropped


This couple’s complaints have been repeatedly stonewalled by D I Neil Blackhurst, then Manager of the Fraud Unit at Devon and Cornwall Police at Exeter.

I was fobbed off in my complaint to Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer on their behalf.  Superintendent Ian Drummond-Smith’s reply to my letters about Mr McLaughlin’s​complaints was that as four Police Officers had been reprimanded by the IPCC, then the matter was closed.  And the victim’s explanation, apology and compensation ?  Forget it.

Further details can be seen in Justiceforalison, his online WordPress article. His requested copy of the taped Police interview was found to have been tampered with.   The taped chat about Simon Mansell had been removed by the Police.  Superintendent Drummond-Smith’s letter  advises that the victim  takes it up with the IPCC.  Mr McLaughlin is convinced this would be a waste of time.

Simon, no one can prove anything but there is no doubt that you have, over the years, signed most of the letters written to the elderly couple, Mr McLaughlin and me.  Surely you can see this shows you up in a certain light ?  About as light and bright as Hades.

And the elderly couple? They did not want their names known so Superintendent Drummond-Smith felt unable to deal with my complaint on their behalf.  It is very sad that I can remember a time when we used to show off that we, in this country, had the best Police Force in the world.



The most obvious and alarming stonewall I hit was CILEX  –  the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.  This regulatory body was previously known as I.L.E.  –  the Institute of Legal Executives.  The C and X are recent additions. Chartered means qualified so I should point out that it is the Fellows who are chartered, not the Institute.  Fellows of the Institute of Legal Executives were and still are known as FILES.  Times have moved on but it should be fairly clear that F.I.L.E stands for Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives.  No amount of modernising and unnecessary letters will change that.

It therefore  beggars belief that CILEX Complaints Investigator Dean Fletcher who claimed over the phone to be a qualified Solicitor and Barrister, also claimed not to understand the meaning of the abbreviation F.I.L.E.  Would you really want to employ someone to speak for you in court when they have difficulty understanding this?



For light entertainment, you might like to google CILEX’s President, Martin Callan who, as a previously redundant Solicitor, applied for 872 jobs without receiving even 1 interview.  ‘Legal Cheek’s’ website and comments say it all.

p27 reg.jpg


When CILEX Chief Executive Helen Whiteman realised I would not be fobbed off in my complaint on behalf of the elderly couple and Mr McLauglin, about Simon Mansell and his prone to stripping wife, she hastily referred me to the Police.  The couple’s own complaints re Simon Mansell were  stone walled years ago by CILEX who seems to regulate very little.

What Helen Whiteman is saying in essence is that CILEX is happy to allow Simon Mansell to act outside his remit and to cause untold damage to innocent victims.  These professional activities need some clarification and explanation.


In his letter to me, Superintendent Drummond-Smith denied the existence of the 3 C’s LOOP in Part 5  ‘AN OPEN LETTER TO SIMON MANSELL’ To reiterate, This is how it works:

Someone steps out of line and upsets the Council.   Simon speaks to the Cops, known respectfully to most as Devon and Cornwall Police who falsely arrest the victim, in this case, St Austell businessman Geoff McLaughlin.

That is where a Coodes Solicitor or Legal Executive is called to the Police station to represent the victim.



Coodes work for the Council which is where we started and the loop closes with Simon Mansell’s wife, Jackie who worked as a Legal Executive at that time for Coodes, Penzance though she now works for…… Cornwall Council.

The legal profession has always disliked employees from one firm of Solicitors marrying or living with employees from another firm of solicitors.  It is and has always been felt that confidential details can be passed from one firm to the other by what was and is still known as pillow talk.

Stephanie Allen Cropped


Coodes Legal Executive Stephanie Allen  –  seen in the cell with Mr McLaughlin,  admitted to him  that it is not out of the question that Coodes can hack into computers from any other firm of Coodes Solicitors. This, then negates the need for pillowtalk although Simon Mansell can easily find out what happened to his original victim.  Confidentiality? It hardly exists anymore.

All this begs the question:

Why did the Police ring and specifically request Legal Executive Stephanie Allen from Coodes as legal representation for Mr McLaughlin when Duty Solicitors arrive at Police Stations as and when they are available?

There is something not quite right here.  Coodes work for the Council while Devon and Cornwall Police are quite happy to remove recorded interview chat between St Austell Police and Mr McLaughlin.

And those bogus Court cases? They give the strong impression of attempts to deliberately harass Mr McLaughlin for daring to blog the truth.

I am forced to bring this article down to toilet level.  Devon and Cornwall Police, if you ever arrest me in my own home, please would you not stop me from changing my clothes or going to the toilet in my own home, as you did to Mr McLaughlin, telling him he could go to the toilet at Newquay Police Station after a 40 minute drive there in a Police car.

Please also, could there be toilet paper in my cell and soap in the sink and a hand towel.   Mr McLaughlin was denied all these things with only a 150ml drink of squash and no food offered in a 9 hour incarceration in cell 9.  It was a rather strange way to treat a pensioner diabetic.  The 2 arrests seemed to be your way of getting back at a man who dared to write the truth.  Isn’t there something here about human rights?

Superintendent Drummond-Smith, perhaps you could explain why one of your letters to me was undated and unreferenced.  Maybe it was to keep it unofficial and out of ‘the system’?  It would be nice to know.


KATE_KENNALLY_1_975p_975 .


We are left with an ageing Legal Executive who is controlled by CEO Kate Kennally and Director of Services, Richard A Williams.  They both know that Simon Mansell is in charge of The Localism Act, Information and Governance Dept, The Whistle Blowing Dept and the Standards Committee. In your case, Simon, pretty low standards.

At Cornwall Council, when you feel you have to blow the whistle on someone’s unwise or corrupt behaviour, you contact the very person whom the elderly couple, Mr McLaughlin and I have all complained about  –  Simon Mansell!



This echoes the LGO giving our contact point for complaints about Simon as……Simon Mansell.

As the Police, Schools, Social Services and Council meet every month to discuss current cases, it is fairly obvious that Devon and Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council, Adult Social Care and, I do not doubt, the NHS, collude to make decisions about ordinary folk like us who stand little or no charge of fighting back, leave alone beating them.



I bite my lip on finding out that Laura Baglow, Solicitor at Legal Services who sent me an anonymous and threatening letter 2 years ago, is now titled ‘Senior Legal Officer’ and runs a Legal Helpline at County Hall, Truro.  This lady’s areas of expertise are impressive :

Defamation and intellectual property dispute resolution.

Breach of contract resolution,

Judicial Review claims

Housing and Homelessness

Human Rights claims



Drafting Policies

Court Representation

General Dispute Representation

Heavens Laura!  With all the work your expertise demands, it is surprising you have any time to run a Legal Helpline.

You ignored the long and informative email sent to you on 2nd April by the elderly couple and it appears you have a substantive knowledge of their dispute, being planning and boundaries.  So, bearing in mind that you claim to be an expert in Property and Boundary Disputes, It begs the question:

Why haven’t you helped this couple?  The obvious answer is that you work for the Council and you will jolly well do as they say!

This segues very badly back to Simon Mansell who was titled: Principal Legal Officer until I kicked up stink in CCC Part 1 and he was sidelined or demoted to ‘Information and Governance Manager’.

Now I think carefully about this;  if Laura Baglow who qualified in 2003 and seems to be an expert at most things legal, is titled only ‘Senior Legal Officer’ then how on earth could Legal Executive, Simon Mansell be titled ‘Principal Legal Officer’?  Surely Principal is considered more important than Senior?

Ms Baglow, please excuse the way I put this, but this whiffs of the tail wagging the dog.




The only thing I can think of to account for Mansell’s wrongdoing, apart from the aforementioned Common Purpose is Freemasonry.   Superintendent Drummond-Smith stated quite bluntly in his letter to me, ‘I am not a Mason’ while Stuart Blackie in amused, dulcet tones said over the phone, ‘Laura, I’m not a Mason’.   You never mentioned Common Purpose, did you, Gentlemen?

As Brian Gerrish in his ‘Common Purpose Exposed’ video says,

‘Devon and Cornwall Police is riddled with Common Purpose graduates’.  We know they spent £57,000 on Common Purpose courses recently, denied it in letters and finally admitted it.  So, tell us, Gents, are you Common Purpose grads?

BBC and local newspapers reported that Mrs Maria Wallis, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police 2002 – 2006 decided to retire after a family bereavement.

In his ‘Common Purpose Exposed’ video  Brian Gerrish insists that although newspaper reports say she did indeed, have a family bereavement, she was invalided out after being mentally unwell, confused and disorientated by Common Purpose Neurolinguistics Programming.  She was a Common Purpose graduate.  That is what the Police do to their own Officers.

It should be noted that the ‘Leadership Academy for Policing’ which can, like everything else, be googled, sounds very much like Common Purpose with Maria Wallis and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe being listed as having contributed  to the PLQF  –  that’s the Police Leadership Qualities Framework – which is part of the Leadership Academy for Policing.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the present Chief Metropolitan Police Officer, Cressida Dick is a Common Purpose graduate as is her predecessor, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Freemasonry is a secret society protected by the Data Protection Act.  Why would that be? Why do they feel a need have their membership lists kept secret from the prying eyes of the general public? There have always been mutterings of suspicion surrounding Masons.  It is nothing new.  I can only suggest you watch some of the alarming online Freemasonry videos and come to your own conclusions.

It is worth pointing out that the initiation ceremony for Masons is said to be very similar to that of witchcraft though whether black or white witchcraft, I do not want to know.  Nooses and knives at the Masons’ initiation ceremony suggest threats to the incoming novice never to expose Masonic secrets.  On the other hand it maybe just grown men playing little boys’ games.

My email to Mr Peter Lowndes, Pro Grand Master at London HQ, asking if anyone at Cornwall Council was a member, was ignored, as was my email to a Penzance Lodge.

However, my online post on ‘FREEMASONRY TODAY’ with the same request was replied to by Mike Baker, Director of Communications at the Grand Lodge of England, London on 27th March:

Dear Ms Thomas,

Thankyou for posting on the ‘Freemasonry Today’ website.

I should inform you that membership records are private and subject to Data Protection and as such I am not able to comply with your request.

Kind regards,  Mike Baker.

I never expected such a list but it was a pleasant reply.




My 3rd March email to Sir Jeremy Heywood, Head of the Civil Service and Honours and Forfeiture Committee asking for a review and possible forfeiture of Simon Mansell’s MBE, awarded for his work in Cambodia, while a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy was answered on 23rd March by Abby Oshodi at the Cabinet Office in London.

She ended: ‘I cannot comment on Cornwall Council and the particular circumstances of Mansell but I can assure you that your comments will be carefully considered’.

She didn’t even call him Mr.

I pointed out in my original communication that Masons or Common Purpose may be behind Cornwall Council’s benign attitude towards Mansell’s  extraordinary professional and sometimes very unprofessional activities.

At that stage, I had no idea that Sir Jeremy Heywood’s predecessor was Lord Gus O’Donnell  –  a Common Purpose Graduate!  I bet Abby Oshodi grinned at that one.

We  are not allowed to know the result of Mansell’s secretly held Forefeiture Consideration Panel. How many of the panel were Masons is anyone’s guess.

Some may think me mean for suggesting that Simon Mansell who was awarded the MBE for his work with the UN in Cambodia in the Royal Navy 18 years ago should be stripped of his MBE for corruption and unbecoming behaviour now.

I referred the matter to the Awards Forfeiture Committee because I felt Simon Mansell’s ill treatment of the aforementioned three victims had brought his award into disrepute.   As MBE’s have been awarded for long service employment, one tends to question the merit of it.  How are the reasons for these awards to be compared?

My REME trained  brother-in- law parachuted into Aden behind enemy lines under cover of darkness while in the British Army attached to the Trucil Oman Scouts, now disbanded, long ago.  He was 21 at the time.  In those days, the Trucil Oman Scouts were not the SAS but were considered to be on a par with it.

He once briefly showed us his medals, never said what they were for and he never wore them in photos.

My brother-in -law will remain anonymous as I will not allow his name to be sullied by being in the same sentence as those previously mentioned.


It being a secret society, Masons will not allow me enough evidence to state that through Simon Mansell, Masons are responsible for the damage done to the lives of Geoff McLaughlin and elderly couple who may not be able to endure the strain inflicted on them for much longer.  However, Masons and Common Purpose being behind this very victimised trinity is a possibility and we are entitled to our suspicions.

Someone in dispute with Cornwall Council for years was invited to join Masons.  They were told that on acceptance, they and their family would be well looked after.  That person refused and the dispute continued.

Someone loosely connected with Cornwall Council seemed quite bemused, saying heavily, ‘Yes, I think you’ll find Simon Mansell is a Mason’.

Someone with a protracted dispute with the Council was told they should become a Councillor.  They refused to fill in the application forms so Cornwall Council sent more which were never completed because the last thing that person wanted was to be a Councillor. As Councillors have to be elected, this method of selection is dubious and suspicious.

A 4th person was amused, saying confidently, with no real knowledge, ‘Oh yes, I’m sure he’s a Mason!’

25 years ago, my brother-in-law was invited to become a Mason. I am proud to say he immediately declined saying he did not believe in secret societies.

We need to remember that Masons raise a lot of money for charity.  So do ordinary people in pubs, clubs, offices, schools, sponsored runs etc.  Recently, sick youngsters with only weeks to live have raised fortunes for charity via the internet.  So why should we be impressed with Masons’ charity efforts ?  I will leave you to your own thoughts.

We need a sense of balance here. I read a Mason’s wife’s online account that in the 25 years of her husband’s Freemasonry, their standard of living had never been enhanced by any Masonic trickery.

It is, I feel, quite likely that some Masons have never had, and will never have, any idea of, or be involved in any Masonic backhanding.  It would not be fair to tar every Mason with the same brush.  My sense of fairness says that there have to be Masons with integrity who are decent and kind and would never become involved with any clandestine activities resulting in harm to others.


The only other thing I can think of explain Simon Mansell’s behaviour is psychopathy. Not all psychopaths murder.  Nor are they all serial killers.  Apparently only about 4% of the population is psychopathic and the symptoms include:

1)     An inflated sense of self importance.   The many online photowith medal and being in charge of all those departments say that.

2)       Lack of conscience and remorse. No remorse shown in the stacks of letters sent over  the years paining these persons.

3)       Psychopaths see themselves as above rules. When did the rules allow anyone to inflict such pain on ordinary folk  ?

4)      Lack of guilt. Do you ever feel guilty at the damage you have done, Simon?

5)      They wreak havoc in others’ lives then sit back and watch innocently.

These are just a few symptoms I feel Simon has shown over the years.  The 5 occupations most likely to contain psychopathic members are:

  1. Bankers
  2. Lawyers
  3. Salesmen
  4. Media
  5. Surgeons

So Simon is there at no 2 .

I will pass over Surgeons at no 5 who, apart from the fellow who did the wrong operation on my feet when I was 17 years old, have kept my legs going for my entire life.  I am very grateful.

We must remember that some psychopathic symptoms are positively beneficial.  Lack of fear which may promote bravery is useful when we are ever in a tight spot such as a war.  Those showing lack of fear in such circumstances may well be the types who may help us.

It maybe that Simon Mansell showed bravery in Cambodia while working for the UN. In that case, why weren’t he and his MBE listed under the Bravery section of the online Awards?

And it is strange that, according to Brian Gerrish, the UN funds Common Purpose.

Someone recently muttered, ‘I don’t think Simon Mansell gives a damn about being called psycopathic’. It’s fair comment.  Maybe they are right.  When bricks come flying through my window, I shall soon see.



There is such a thing as Corporate Psychopathy. This is psychopathy throughout large organisations. Unfortunately, to reiterate, this would involve Cornwall Council CEO Kate Kennally and Director of Services, Richard Williams who must be tolerating Mansell’s actions.

I realise by now that the Higher Echelons at Cornwall Council may be feeling a bit hot under the collar. Simon Mansell and Richard Williams may be thoroughly decent, stain free chaps and Kate Kennally may be a lovely lady whose fragrance is like the Alpine air.

It is an old saying that when in doubt  –  err on the side of generosity.  Perhaps I should do this with Simon Mansell but it is so difficult when he has signed so many letters and made and taken so many calls in connection with these persons.

So, someone please tell me why the hell the elderly couple and Geoff McLaughlin were made to suffer for as long as they have done?  And how many other persons are being treated as badly by Cornwall Council as this elderly couple who, after years of Court cases, letters and phone calls have had their health completely ruined by the Council?  They may not be able to cope for much longer with the strain inflicted on them by Officials who know this likely to kill them.  And someone tell me why they are too bloody frightened to come forward and tell their own story?

I am not on my own with these complaints.  Online local newspapers are rife with derogatory comments about Cornwall Council.  In 2012, a Chacewater Councillor wrote online that Cornwall Council was a Dictatorship. That was one of the more publishable comments.

I hope this is the last article I feel I have to write about Cornwall Council Corruption.  If anyone mentioned here wishes to discuss anything with me, you may visit me at my bungalow.  I do not answer the door during the hours of darkness.  At Cornwall Council, that seems to be business hours.

Anyone with a complaint about any council in the UK can google Ian J. Johnston’s website:   ‘ROTTEN BOROUGH’.

Email Mr Johnston and your story will, with his permission, be recorded.  CCC Parts1 – 5 are there under my name and hopefully, this article soon.

In this site, I would advise anyone to read Plymouthian  Derek Ryder’s account of dealing with Masons, along with ex-Cornwall Councillor Graeme Hick’s complaint and the complaint from an anonymous Police Officer in Cornwall.

In conclusion, I have to thank all at St Paul’s Church, Upton Cross for getting me through this.  I am indebted to Elaine Bennett, Housing Manager who said, ‘You are lucky you can fight, many can’t’.

And the strychnine I queued for, for Simon’s lunch ?  Like the Council, it was a joke!

I expect a Summons for this; the higher echelons will feel they need to show their authority.

CP Exposed’s Brian Gerrish has had personal and family death threats, infected druggie needles and hate-mail pushed through his letterbox, and bricks thrown through his window.   Please remember when you chuck a brick through mine that this is a Council property.  They renew the glass, I don’t.

And death threats?  Please don’t bother.  I had the last rites at 21.  I am still here.

Laura Thomas,

5, Carnedon,

Upton Cross, Liskeard,

Cornwall PL14 5AP

Sources of information: BBC TV programme on Psychopathy May 2017 and

Online videos

Common  Purpose Exposed  online videos

Published 19th May 2017  Copyright  ©



  1. I published CCC 6 ON 19th May 2017. On 22nd May, I received notification that the seriously ill elderly couple who have had their retirement ruined by Simon Mansell and his many signed letters and phone calls over the years, have suddenly, without warning or reason, been deregistered by their GP surgery.

    This decent, law abiding couple who have 3 heart attacks, 10 stents and high blood pressure between them are devastated. It beggars belief that GP’s could do this. Please don’t anyone tell me that Masons are not behind all this.

    It seems that when Cornwall Council cannot obtain access over private land to access land nearby that they have shares in, they use Simon Mansell MBE to apply so much pressure to this couple over the years knowing that it will eventually kill them. Be a man, Simon ! Answer these charges.

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